CAISU is a private and non-profit association dedicated in representing the Canadian alumni of the International Space University (ISU). CAISU is also active in organizing programs and conferences aiming at promoting space awareness among university-level students, professionals and the community in general.


  • To provide for the promotion and preservation of contacts between all Canadian alumni of the International Space University (ISU).

  • To inform any interested party in Canada about the affairs of ISU.

  • To cooperate with other interested organizations in Canada in promoting the cause of peaceful space activities.

  • To represent the members when dealing with the various institutions of ISU and its representatives.

  • To advance space education and space research in Canada.


Founded in 1989, CAISU has more than 275 members across Canada and around the world, which are active in promoting the International Space University and it's programs. There are many ways one can become a member of CAISU.

Full Member
All alumni of the ISU who are Canadian citizens, or are currently living in Canada, are automatically full members of CAISU. Full members receive the newsletter, have access to the membership list, participate in all CAISU sponsored events free of charge, and are eligible to run for elected positions on the board of directors. They do not pay dues.

Adjunct Member
Individuals who are not alumni of the ISU are eligible for adjunct member status. With the payment of an annual membership due of $25, adjunct members receive the newsletter and can participate in CAISU sponsored events. They are not eligible to run for elected positions within the association and do not have access to the membership list.

Honorary Member
Certain individuals, companies, and institutions have made significant contributions to CAISU. In recognition, CAISU board of directors bestows such individuals or groups with honorary memberships. The rights and restrictions of honorary membership are the same as for adjunct members.

Sustaining Members
Individuals, companies, or institutions who donate $100 or more to CAISU become sustaining members, subject to the approval of the board of directors. They enjoy the same rights as adjunct members.

CAISU Organization and Structure

A Board of Directors (BoD) who are CAISU members elected by the members runs the Association. For more information about CAISU's BoD or to find out how you can get involved a director of the Board, please contact us