Canadian Space Organizations

·         Astronomy & Space Exploration Society (ASX)

·         Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

·         Canadian Astronomical Society

·         Canadian Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics 

·         Canadian Space Exploration and Development Institute

·         Canadian Space Society 

·         Interstellar Electromagnetics Institute (IEI)

·         Mars Society Canada 

·         Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

·         SEDS Canada

·         SpaceGuard Canada

Educator Labs
Teacher Resources: Library of Congress
101 Online Collaborative Learning Tools for Teachers & Educators
History & Social Studies | EDSITEment
Economics for Teachers
Teaching Students about the Central Bank
Three Branches of Government: Guide for Kids
Federal Government News and Analysis    



The State of the Canadian Aerospace Industry


Space Engineering

·         Antenna Subsystems

·         Astrophysics Data System - Space Instrumentation Database

·         EnviroNET

·         Instrumentation development at NASA GSFC

·         Microelectronics at the NASA - GSFC

·         Microsat information at Stanford

·         Mission Operations Projects at the NASA-GSFC

·         Mission Software Applications

·         Reusable Mission Software Library

·         Small Explorer Spacecraft - NASA

·         Space Station Mockup and Trainer Facility

·         Space Environment: An Overview (NASA Lewis)

·         SPACEWARN Bulletin

·         University of Wisconsin-Madison's Space Science and Engineering Center

Satellite Applications

·         Space Website Directory from World Spaceflight News, with over 1,500 Space links, including their remote sensing section.

·         Space shuttle images of the world

·         NASA Space Shuttle Photography Web site,

·         JSC Earth Science Branch,

·         The JSC Shuttle Earth Observation Project (with clickable map),

·         The ISU Earth Observation Page

·         Geostationary Weather satellite data

·         Scott Madry's Satellite Navigation and telemetry page (GPS, Glonass, Argos, Cospas-Sarsat)

·         Scott Madry's LARGE Alphbetical Geomatics listing (GIS, GPS, remote sensing, etc.)

·         Ecole National Superieur de Physiques (ENSP) Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Image, de l'Informatique et de la Télédétection Groupement de Recherche en Télédétection et Radiométrie in Strasbourg, with NOAA and Meteosat images and data pointers (in French)

·         Nice Telecom page with LOTS of telecom links and other space links

·         Intelsat

·         Teledesic (includes COOL animations of the constellation, etc.)

·         Globstar

·         Orbcom

·         Earth and Moon Viewer

·         The Observatorium

·         The Earth online

·         HARC's Airborne LIDAR page


Other Satellite Applications on the Web

·         Canadian Space Geodesy Form

·         C.E.N. Technical Services

·         Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

·         CEO

·         CERL/OGIS

·         CERL's Global Environmental Modeling Capabilities

·         DMSP Snow and Ice

·         Channel 4 Network Weather (Washington DC)

·         Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network - CIESIN

·         Current Weather Maps/Movies

·         DAAC in a Box

·         Declassified Intelligence Satellite Photographs

·         Earth Remote Sensing User Services at ESA-ESRIN

·         Earth Observing System - NASA

·         Earth Viewer

·         EOS Data Model

·         GIS Information and Remote Sensing

·         GIS/Remote Sensing/GPS/Geoscience

·         Global Change Master Directory

·         The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites International Directory Network - CEOS IDN

·         GOES -J

·         GRASS Development Project

·         GRASS Information

·         GRASS NASA Ames

·         ImageNet - on line archive, search and preview system for geospatial data by Core Software

·         Image Processing Contest

·         International GPS Service (IGS) for Geodynamics

·         Internet Geography Information

·         JHU/APL Digital Relief Map of the US (Image Browser)

·         Lightning Observations

·         Lloyd's Satellite Constellations

·         Map Viewer: USA 40.41N 74.49W (25.0X)

·         Map Viewer: World 42.00N 70.67W (1.0X)

·         Mobile Satellite Telecommunications

·         NASA - JSC Digital Image Collection

·         NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

·         NASA/JPL Imaging Radar

·         NASA - Public Use of Remote Sensing Data

·         NASDA Earth Observation Center

·         NSF Division of Atmospheric Sciences

·         Planet Earth

·         Planet Earth Viewer

·         Red Sprites and Blue Jets

·         RSPAC

·         Satellite Imagery FAQ

·         Satellite Communications Systems and Technology

·         SIR-C Data (Selected)

·         SIR-C Index Map

·         SIR-C Survey Images

·         SPOT

·         SPOT HiRes data

·         TOPEX

·         The Daily Planet - weather information from the University of Illinois

·         University of Wisconsin-Madison's Space Science and Engineering Center

·         USDAC

·         USGS Geo Data

·         USGS - National Geospatial Data

Space Resources, Robotics, and Manufacturing (and Microgravity)

·         Interactive C User's Guide - Table of Contents

·         NASA Space Telerobotics Program Home Page

·         Space Systems Laboratory

·         JPL Mars Pathfinder

·         David Gump's LunaCorp (letting kids teleoperate rovers on the Moon for fun and profit)

·         MIT 6.270 LEGO Robot Design Competition

Microgravity References

·         The Microgravity Research Experiments (MICREX) Data Base

·         Microgravity Combustion and Fluids Database

·         CrysMelt.html

·         Diffusn.html

·         FluPhyscs.html

·         Highlights of Space

·         STS-75 Hypertext Press Kit

·         Microgravity Science Experiments

·         ESA Microgravity Database

·         Interglobal Space Lines, Inc.

·         Zero Gravity Research Facility

·         NASA Lewis Research Centre (NASA's main microgravity research goes on here)

·         NASA Langley

·         What is Microgravity?

·         Microgravity and Spaceflight

·         NASA Microgravity Research Division Office

·         Microgravity Research Program Office

·         Microgravity News

·         LeRC DC-9

·         KC-135 Stratotanker

·         Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

·         NASA fluid science conference info.

·         NASA microgravity science and apps. division

·         Rockwell (Materials) Science centre

·         LeRC Microgravity Science Division Educational Information

·         NASA Spacelink: A Resource for Educators

·         Spacelink: Microgravity Teacher's Guide

·         Microgravity Meetings and Symposia

·         Japan's 10 second microgravity drop tower

Space Resources References

·         The world's energy future belongs in orbit

·         Solar Power Satellite SPS 2000 Home Page at ISAS in Japan

·         World Game Institute

Space and Society

·         Apollo 13 the Movie

·         Artemis Project - A plan to establish a tourist base on the Moon

·         Bonestell's Space Art

·         Languages of the World

·         Calgary Aero Space Museum

·         Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium

·         NASA Public Affairs

·         Manitoba Museum Planetarium & Science Blog

·         Celestial Bodies and Astronomy

·         Aviation Museums in Atlantic Canada

Space Life Science

·         Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems - Purdue

·         Harvard Biological Laboratories

·         Humans in Space

·         Johns Hopkins University BioInformatics

·         Life Science Data Archive (LSDA) from NASA

·         NASA Astronaut Biographies

·         National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

·         Office of Life and Microgravity Sciences- NASA

·         Research involving Human subjects - Dept. of Energy

·         Visible Human Project

·         Life on Mars - Science

·         Life on Mars?

·         NASA Headquarters Press Briefing on "Life on Mars"

·         Mars Meteorite Information

·         Motion Sickness in Space - Torso Rotational Experiment

·         Space Wardrobe

·         Space Food

Space Physical Science

·         Astrophysics Space Missions

·         Astrophysics Projects

·         Planetary Missions

·         Space Physics Missions

·         Data Centers

·         Research Groups and Programs

·         Miscellaneous

·         Professional Societies, Journals and News

·         Lectures in Space Science

Astrophysics Space Missions

·         Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (ASCA)

·         Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF)

·         ALEXIS

·         Broad Band X-Ray Telescope (BBXRT)

·         Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO)

·         COS-B

·         Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)

·         European X-ray Observatory Satellite (EXOSAT)

·         Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE)

·         Far Infrared and Submillimetric Space Telescope (FIRST)

·         High-Energy Transient Experiment (HETE)

·         Hipparcos

·         Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope (HUT)

·         Hubble Space Telescope (HST)

·         Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS)

·         U.S. Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) Science Support Center at IPAC

·         ISO Operations News at ESA

·         International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL)

·         International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE)

·         Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX)

·         Roentgensatellit (ROSAT)

·         SAC-B

·         Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF)

·         Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)

·         Spectrum-X-Gamma

·         Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS)

·         Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (UIT)

·         VLBI Space Observatory Programme (VSOP) mission

·         Wide-Field Infrared Explorer (WIRE)

·         Wisconsin Ultraviolet Photo-Polarimeter Experiment (WUPPE)

·         X-Ray Multi-mirror Mission (XMM)

·         X-Ray Timing Explorer (XTE)

·         also see HEASARC's list of High-Energy Astrophysics Missions

Astrophysics Projects

·         Automated Plate Scanner (APS) Project

·         The CDS "StarWorlds" databases

·         Deep Near-infrared Survey of the Southern Sky (DENIS)

·         MACHO Dark Matter Search Project

·         Medium Scale Anisotropy Measurement (MSAM) and related projects

Research Groups and Programs in Space Science

·         Geomagnetism Group/British Geological Survey

·         Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) Program

·         Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG)

·         Infrared Processing Analysis Center

·         Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science - Toronto Ontario, Canada

·         Ionospheric Effects Division/Air Force Phillips Laboratory

·         Ionospheric Physics Group/Leicester University,

·         Jicamarca Radio Observatory

·         Los Alamos Magnetospheric Plasma Analyzer (MPA)

·         Max-Planck-Institut for extraterrestial Physics/Aubenstelle Berlin (MPE)

·         Max-Planck-Institut for Aeronomie

·         Millstone Hill Observatory

·         NASA Headquarters - Space Physics Division

·         National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)

·         National Solar Observatory (NSO)

·         NIS Division Projects/Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

·         Northwest Research Associates, Inc. (NWRA)

·         National Science Foundation (NSF)

·         NSF Division of Atmospheric Sciences

·         Plasma Wave Group, Department of Physics and Astronomy/University of Iowa

·         Physics and Astronomy Department/University College London

·         Physics Department/Auburn University

·         Rice University

·         Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory (SGO)/Finland

·         Sondrestrom Radar Facility

·         Space Department JHU/APL

·         Space Environment Laboratory/NOAA (SEL/NOAA)

·         Space Plasma Group, Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL)/University College London (UCL)

·         Space Plasma Physics Group, Alfven Laboratory/Stockholm

·         Space Physics Group/University of Oulu,Finland

·         Space Physics and Astronomy/Rice University

o    Magnetospheric Specification Model (MSM)/Rice University

·         Space and Plasma Physics/University of Maryland (SPP/UM)

·         Space Science Center/UCLA (SSC/UCLA)

·         Space Science Department/Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (SSD/RAL)

·         Space Science Information/GSFC

·         Statistical Consulting Center for Astronomy/Penn State

·         Swedish Institute of Space Physics/Kiruna

Miscellaneous Space Science

·         AstroWeb - Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet

·         Astrophsysics Data System - Abstract Service

·         Astronomy and Astrophysics (listing at CERN)

·         Comet P/Shoemaker - Levy 9, Collision with Jupiter

o    ESO

o    NSSDC

o    JPL

o    SEDS Project

o    STSci

o    University of MD

·         Astronomy Picture of the Day

·         Ionospheric convection model- IZMIRAN Electrodynamics Model (IZMEM)

·         Interactive NASA Space Physics Ionospheric Research Experiment (INSPIRE)

·         NASAs Satellite Situation Center

·         Plasma Science and Technology/University of Maryland

·         Radioscientist ON-LINE" (ROL)

·         Space Weather

o    Todays Space Weather SEL/NOAA

o    Space Weather Predictions/Rice University

o    Development site for space weather forecast models

o    Space Weather from UMichigan

o    Space Weather - November 1993 Event

·         Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

o    United States - SEDS

o    United Kindom - SEDS

·         Sprite Watchers

·         Starlink Project

Professional Space Science Societies, Journals and News

·         American Geophysical Union (AGU)

·         American Astronomical Society (AAS)

·         American Institute of Physics (AIP)

o    AIP Physics Careers Bulletin Board

·         EOS News online

·         International Astronomical Union (IAU)

·         Journal of Geophysical Research

·         New Scientist- Planet Science

·         The Planetary Society

·         URSI - Committee on Data for Science Technology (CODATA)

·         Science in the News

Lectures in Space Science

·         Introductory Astronomy Class

·         Basics of Space Flight Learners' Workbook

·         Exploration of the Earths Magnetosphere

·         International Space Physics Educational Consortium (ISPEC)

·         Journey to the Planets

·         Radio and Plasma Wave Tutorials

·         Space Weather Tutoria//Rice University

·         The Magnetosphere by James L. Green

·         The Nine Planets by Bill Arnett

·         Tour of the Solar System (LANL)

·         Views of Solar System

·         Virtual Solar System Tutorial

Space Policy and Law


·         Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

o    World Factbook

·         Legal Information Institute - Cornell Law School.

o    Law Publications

·         Legal Links Services

·         Emory - Law School

·         InterAgency Consultative Group (IACG)

·         NASA Strategic Plan

·         National Space Society - contains information on space Treaties

·         Pepper and Corazzini, L.L.P., issues on space telecommunication and information law.

Business & Management

·         Cost Estimating

o    Lockheed Martin Life Cycle Cost Estimating System


o    Parametric Cost Estimating Handbook Files to be download: US DoD Cost Estimation Handbook for government contractors

o    Spacecraft/Vehicle Level Cost Model

o    Software Systems for Cost Estimating

·         Criteria in Design and Management of Space Systems

·         Currency converter

·         European Space Agency - Cost Analysis Division

·         NASA/MSFC Redstar Database

·         NASA Procurement Awards and Forecasts

·         Resource list of Commercial Space Material by Bobby Weave

·         The Tenagra Corporation


Space Architecture & Mission Design

·         Boeing Space Systems

·         EnviroNET

·         Finite Element Modeling

·         International Space Station Alpha

·         Orbital Space Settlements

·         Space Environment: An Overview (NASA Lewis)



Space Informatics

Guides and other information about the Internet

·         Global Network Navigator's (GNN) Navigator Forum

·         Internet Guide

·         Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

·         Internet News

·         Network Resource Index

·         Russian Space Science Internet

World Wide Web Information

·         Best of Web Education Services

·         A Beginner's Guide to html

·         html tutorial

·         html Quick Reference

·         Mark Maimone's - WWW Tutorial

·         The World Wide Web Consortium

·         Web Information

Cool Web Sites

·         Disney Movies

·         Mercury Project

·         NASA - Cool Web Site of the Week

·         Physics Around the World

·         Space Movie Archive

·         Surf Page



Space Agency Homepages

Associations & Organizations

Test Pilot Stuff

Space Jobs