CAISU Roadshows for the Upcoming Space Studies Program

You are invited to find out how you can participate in the ISU SSP by attending this year's edition of the CAISU Roadshows. Attending a roadshow is a perfect opportunity to:

  • Learn all about ISU and it's programs, departments, and professional contacts network

  • Pick up Canadian application forms for next year's SSP

  • Meet the Canadians who represented Canada during previous ISU SSPs

  • Hear about the role and experience of previous year's candidates

Typically, CAISU Roadshows are held at different locations across Canada from September to January. For more information about a roadshow in your area, please contact CAISU President, Jian-Feng Shi. We look forward to meeting you in the very near future.

Presentation Material

The CAISU Roadshow presentation file is in Powerpoint format. You can use it to promote CAISU and ISU. Please feel free to modify it, or add photos from your year. You can download the presentations here:
Presentation [ Powerpoint ]

If you are unable to conduct a roadshow presentation but are able to put up posters at a local university, please feel free to use the official ISU poster:
Poster [ PDF ]

If any of the students that you present to are interested in applying to ISU, please forward them to the AUCC website and to the CFISU website for more information on applying for the CFISU scholarship.

AUCC web site: [English | French]

CFISU web site: [English | French]