For his first year of a Master of Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University, Matthew studied at INSA in Lyon, France. He won a Senate Medal during his B.Sc. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton and was editor of the student engineering newspaper. He also was a supervisor and curriculum coordinator in the Canada-Russia Space Science Exchange. Matthew worked as a student research assistant at the NRC Institute for Aerospace Research in the Structures, Materials and Propulsion lab. During his studies he has been awarded the NSERC PGS A Award, the Kipling Award, the Pratt and Whitney Award and the Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award. Matthew is interested in pursuing design of leading-edge space technologies and teaching. Matthew was born in Canada and currently lives in Lyon, France.



Tony is pursuing a doctoral degree in aerospace engineering at University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, where he received his M.A.Sc. in Spacecraft Dynamics. His focus is spacecraft dynamics, control and robotics. He is also working as a custom software developer, as a research engineer and a UTIAS teaching assistant. At UTIAS, he has been a student council member for six years, promotes space as a career choice to students and has represented the Space Robotics research group at many conferences. Tony is a member of the Canadian Space Society and is a CAISU volunteer. His personal interest is to bring the benefits of research in space into terrestrial applications. Tony was born in Canada and lives in Toronto, Ontario.



This spring Chantal is completing her Master of Aerospace Engineering thesis on the Formability of Aluminum Alloy Sheet at Carleton University. Her bachelor degree is in aerospace engineering. Chantal plans to pursue aerospace at the doctoral level. Her interests are ground testing of advanced composite materials in aerospace structures for Low Earth Orbit. She has been a member of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute since 1990, an SAE International member since 1993, and was a founding member of the Carleton Space and Exploration Technology group. Chantal is also an avid amateur astronomer and holds a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. She was born in Canada and lives in Ottawa.



Currently, Judith is in a Ph.D. in Nursing Science joint program at the University of Montreal and McGill University. To pursue these studies, she was awarded a scholarship from Le Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec. She intends to continue through to post-doc. Judith's research interests involve studying the physiological changes occurring in space, as well as psycho-social-dynamic forces at play during human space flight. She would like to plan and develop ongoing health research programs in space. She has travelled extensively, studied in Spain and worked in Northern Canada. Judith was born and currently lives in Montreal.



Currently, Greg is studying at the University of New Brunswick pursuing a M.Sc.Eng. in astrophysics. He plans to continue his studies through to a Ph.D. degree. In a research assistant position, he is engineering the software system for the payload of a sounding rocket. During his B.Sc.Eng., Greg developed an original identification algorithm designed to ease fault diagnosis for a robotics project. His work resulted in a prototype for monitoring and diagnosis which is being used by other researchers. Greg's current project is writing the software and implementing the electronics for the HiRES sounding rocket payload, launching in March 1995. Greg finds original research most rewarding. In his spare time he enjoys sports and playing the guitar. Greg was born in Canada and lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick.



Derek is a Masters student of aerospace engineering at the Space Power and Propulsion Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His project is designing and developing visualization software for the examination and interrogation of particle-based simulations. He is a member of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space. Derek's bachelor degree is in Engineering Science, Aerospace. In his final year of undergraduate work, he, and the group he led, won the SPAR Aerospace Group Achievement Award in spacecraft design. Derek plans to begin his Ph.D. this autumn. He is very active in his spare time, enjoying everything from Shotokan Karate to dancing. Derek was born in Canada and now lives in Boston, Massachusetts for his studies.



George is pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba. He is also working as a Mechanical Systems Engineer at Bristol Aerospace. He is technical leader for small satellite work. This involves team coordination, mission and orbit design, and design of mechanical related subsystems. As well, he is involved in space tether technology development work and stabilization systems for an upcoming sounding rocket flight. His doctoral thesis is concerned with the interactive dynamics of spinning tethered spacecrafts. George was born in the Czech Republic and currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Vivian holds a M.Sc. in Aerospace Physiology from York University and a B.Sc. in Exercise and Health Science from Concordia University. She plans to continue to the doctoral level. She was awarded scholarships from York and the National Research Council. For her M.Sc. thesis, Vivian taught herself a sophisticated statistical analytical procedure for use in her thesis. She is interested in environmental degradation and the progress of using remote sensing in conjunction with earth-based studies to determine the future of our race and the planet. She has completed a marathon and organizes a yearly environmental event at her workplace. Vivian was born in Canada and lives in Ottawa.