Philomena Bonis is a Science and Technology teacher in the intermediate division for the Waterloo Regional District School board.  For the past 13 years, she has worked to promote Science in the school system and sees her interest in space as the ideal context for teaching and learning.  As a member of a board-wide team of educators, she is responsible for the implementation of the new Provincial Science and Technology curriculum with intermediate teachers in the county.


She received her Honours degree in Biological Science from the University of Guelph and graduated as the valedictorian from Laurentian University's Bachelor of Education program.  She was the 2002 Distinguished Teacher Award recipient for the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, Waterloo Region and has received recognition from the University of Western Ontario and Queen's University for her outstanding contribution to Teacher Education.


She wants students to see the scientific principles in the world around them from single cells to the challenges of extended space travel.  As a devoted wife and mother of two, she actively participates in a church community, practices karate and enjoys rock climbing.





George Dyke is an MSS Operations Analyst with MacDonald Dettwiler Space and Advanced Robotics, where he has worked since completing his B.Sc. in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering degree from Queen’s University in 1999.


As Robotics Systems Analyst, he assisted in the creation of a Contact Dynamics Toolkit (CDT) and then worked with a team to create a platform employing that CDT to simulate the on-orbit mating of satellites.  For his efforts on this project, George received the MD Robotics Innovation Award.


Since 2000, he has worked on assignment at the Canadian Space Agency, applying complex kinematic and dynamic simulators to the prediction of Canadarm2’s performance on the International Space Station in 2001.  This has helped to contribute to the development of innovative new simulation modelling and analysis capabilities for dynamics predictions in the capture of free-flying spacecraft and contact dynamics for spacecraft docking.


George has demonstrated his ability to work in teams. Most recently, his collaboration with NASDA, CSA and NASA engineers in the development of on-orbit operation handling concepts for the Japanese H-IIA Transfer Vehicle has resulted in his commendation from the Director of Operations for Space Station at the CSA for his technical preparation and effective support of the NASA astronauts’ crew trials.


His peers recognize him as a highly responsible, motivated person, a hard worker with excellent people skills and technical competence.  George volunteers with several University Alumni and enjoys biking, hockey sailing and skiing.





Talmon recently completed his Bachelor of Commerce (major in Management and Enterprise Development with a minor in Marketing) at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto.


Over the course of his business studies, he developed an interest in and studied space sciences, resulting in his determination to pursue a career in the space industry.  Upon graduation he was hired to consult on a management buyout from a large German aerospace company, a project that will potentially create a demand for a lunar mining infrastructure.  He will be completing his Master of Space Sciences at the ISU back to back with the SSP.


Talmon is an instructor of Tae Kwon Do, holding a 2nd degree black belt, and hopes to compete in the 2004 Olympics and in the mixed martial arts scene.  His interest in martial arts has also led to his work in the film industry, in which he has played roles in several independent films and recently in a Hollywood feature film.





      Allison Gandey is currently a student in the Master of Journalism program at Carleton University.  Following the completion of her Bachelor of Journalism degree at Carleton in 1998, she went on to hone her professional skills as a journalist specializing in medical and science coverage.


At STA Healthcare Communications, she rose to the position of Managing Editor of The Canadian Alzheimer Disease Review and other publications.  With Conceptis Technologies, her responsibilities as Medical Writer and Content Manager were ably met as she wrote the daily news for a medical website, worked with international medical specialists, and was one of a technical team coordinating live daily news launches.  She also reported on international conferences, including the American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions.


      She is enthusiastically recognized by her mentors as a mature, professional, incisive and insightful journalist, and by her peers as a solid team-worker with a positive attitude, well equipped to handle responsibility and leadership.


        Demonstrating exceptional interpersonal skills, Allison also applies her patience and her experience as Senior Resident in University housing, guiding a team of undergraduate Residence Fellows in their supervision and counselling of younger students living on campus.


Allison channels her passion for dance through the study of jazz ballet.





      Neil Hazan is working toward degrees in common and civil law at McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law, with a view to their application in commercial uses of outer space.  He also holds a Bachelor of Arts, a graduate diploma in management and a college degree in health science.


      His work as a volunteer intern in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Chief Counsel involved legal research and policy analysis on “cutting edge” issues, including manned commercial space flight and aerospace medicine, which spanned both scientific and legal realms.  He was able to absorb U.S. domestic space policy and law in order to recommend sound regulatory solutions, and to do intensive research both within the FAA and private industry to produce a paper for AST, FAA’s commercial space division.  This report will be published in the McGill Annals of Air and Space Law.


      Neil has demonstrated great interest and motivation in the field of air law and the law of space application.  He is respected for his quick intelligence, analytical and critical thinking skills, and superior aptitude for teamwork.


      A native of Montreal, Canada, Neil is fluent in English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish, has worked in the tourism industry in Europe, Israel, the Caribbean and Alaska.





        Alison Jennings holds a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics and is completing her Master of Arts degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Ottawa.


      As a Research Associate at the Ottawa Health Research Institute, she manages the off-site energy expenditure lab at the University of Ottawa.  Her work is primarily with the Diabetes Aerobic and Resistance Exercise study (DARE), a randomized clinical trial on type II diabetes and exercise.  As a member of the Canadian Forces Military Reserve with the 28th Medical Company, Alison understands the importance of discipline, training and teamwork.


      Her professors respect her high levels of motivation and dedication to research, and laud her volunteer efforts in their ongoing research project on type II diabetes where she has been instrumental in the development and implementation of report forms, procedural guidelines, data collection, subject training and counselling.


      Alison has demonstrated exceptional interpersonal and leadership abilities through her work with patients in the field, who have enthusiastically expressed their appreciation for her brand of care.


      She is fluent in English and French, enjoys physical activity, plays soccer and squash, enjoys skiing, snowboarding, running and swimming and has travelled extensively.





      2Lt Kevin Kozak is a Canadian Forces pilot.  In May 2001, he completed his B.Sc. with First Class Honours in Space Science at Royal Military College, and was the top student in the Faculty of Science.


      He is now completing his Master of Science degree in Space Operations at the RMC, as he awaits the commencement of the next phase of his pilot training on Canada’s new Harvard II airframe.


      His natural leadership ability, keen sense of humour, hard-working demeanour and sportsmanship have been well demonstrated.


      Kevin, a dedicated athlete, played varsity hockey, was president of the weightlifting club, chaired the United Way campaign, and was appointed Squadron Leader in fourth year, responsible for 90 of his classmates.  He was also the recipient of the Barton Science Award for 2001.


His hobbies include windsurfing, travelling and recreational flying.





      Manon Larocque has been with the Canadian Space Agency since October 2000 as part of the federal government’s Management Trainee Program.  As Manager, International Relations, she works closely with public and private sector officials to establish sound industrial policy in the field of space.  She represents the Canadian Space Agency in its dealings with Europe and Latin America in such matters as the negotiation of cooperation agreements, and in its dealings with the United Nations, particularly with the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), of which she was the Canadian Head of Delegation.  She has also acquired much administrative experience in a variety of private-sector positions.


      Manon holds a Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Ottawa.  Her achievements are enthusiastically described by her colleagues and superiors impressed with her ability to grasp the essence of issues, make a sound analysis of the options, recommend a course of action and to follow it through.


      She has demonstrated a strong sense of leadership, was an excellent ambassador for the space affairs of Canada, and has capably dealt with complex technical and policy issues at the United Nations.  As a team player, Manon’s invaluable camaraderie and hard work draw the best out of her colleagues and fuel the team’s momentum as it strives toward the common goal.


        While helping to fulfill her own dreams by participating in the ISU Program, Manon’s career experience, combined with her interest in the commercialization of space stations and her appreciation of the cultural differences in international business approaches offer a great deal to the 2002 Summer Session.





        Jasmin Letendre is a Software Designer with NMS Communications Inc. of St-Hubert, Quebec, where he creates, designs and programs embedded systems for telecommunications boards.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Université de Sherbrooke, and is working toward his Master’s in space related robotics.  He also studied at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Lausanne, in 1999.


        He developed an autonomous six-legged robot (“Billy”), which he and his team presented in May 2001 at the SAE’s Walking Machine Challenge competition in Aguascalientes, Mexico.  This endeavour confirmed Jasmin’s career aspirations in the fields of space exploration and robotics, and to help foster international cooperation in these areas.


      He is described as a highly motivated, organized individual with a structured approach to problem solving and an ability to learn autonomously as well as in a team environment.  Jasmin enjoys indoor and outdoor sports, and speaks French, English Spanish and German.





      Brian Moffat obtained his B.Sc. in Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario and is pursuing his Master’s degree in Physics at the University of Waterloo.


      His life-long passion for space technology is reflected in his work as an advanced member of the technical staff in Systems Design at COM DEV, his studies on Satellite Systems, and his new interests in the biomedical and legal considerations of space.  He is the 1996 recipient of the Kingston Gold Medal for Astronomy, and of Teaching Assistant Awards in 1997 and 1998.

      Brian plans to use the unique forum of the Summer Space Program to round out his view of the space industry and to gain new perspectives through networking opportunities while sharing his ideas, concepts and visions.


      In his spare time, Brian, an avid reader of science and science fiction, enjoys stargazing. He is a member of the Planetary Society and the Mars Society.





      Bruno earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal, specializing in Space Technologies for the design of spacecraft and satellites.  He has studied in Sweden and has also gained industrial experience through internships.


      He plans to pursue a Master’s degree in spacecraft design, following his experience at the ISU Summer Session where he will strive to enhance his overall understanding of space technologies, medicine, economic and social issues of space, international cooperation, and space exploration.


        He looks forward to sharing through teamwork and to applying the leadership skills he has developed in his work as founder and member of COPEC, a committee at Polytechnique devoted to the smooth integration of exchange students, and as coordinator of the ISPAJES program which introduces the concept of concurrent engineering to high school students.


        Bruno is a “people-person”, who believes in versatility, welcomes new concepts and challenges with an open mind.  He has travelled extensively, is working toward a private pilot’s licence, enjoys swimming, skiing, climbing and tennis.





      Julielynn is currently studying medicine at Queen’s University.  She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and was a recipient of a Canada scholarship in Science, York University Entrance and In-Course Scholarships and the Canadian Merit and Scholarship Foundation Provincial Award.  She has conducted research in the Aerospace Life Sciences Section of the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine.


      Julielynn continues her work at the Ontario Science Centre as a Science Educator and Program Leader where she has created, taught and coordinated over 50 scientific educational programs, and given presentations on various space science and astronomy topics to over 15,0000 members of the public.


        She has studied French, Mandarin and Cantonese, is a native of Toronto, Ontario, and has travelled extensively.  She is highly regarded by peers and mentors alike, for her interpersonal skills as well as for her knowledge, and is recognized as a well-rounded, professional individual.


      Julielynn holds a valid glider pilot and power pilot’s licence and is a certified SCUBA diver.  She also enjoys playing the piano, reading, aerobics and community volunteer work.